Our Services

Plus Connect offers Inetnet Technology Services for Home and Business

IP Televission

With IP Television you no longer need dishes or antennas, you stream LIVE Television from the internet directly to your TV.

Internet Access

Plus Connect offers an array of quality and affordable internet access solutions for Home and Business use. We have a internet solution for you wherever you are.

Plus Voice

Plus Connect offers quality voice solutions to cater for residential and business use. Our popular Mobile Land Line offer is great to start with.

Our Story

Our Story

Plus Connect is a Internet Service provider based in Pretoria, South Africa and we cater for Home and Business. Our internet solutions and products is available country wide and we guarantee coverage or connection wherever you are located.

Plus Connect partnered with the finest and largest wholesale internet providers in South Africa to bring Internet to your Home or Business at affordable prices.

We also went overboard and negotiated valued add-on services such as IP Television with access to over 4000+ channels, content, movies and so much more